Among the Willows

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The year is 1886. The Civil War is over. Flags have been folded, and the battle cries have long since faded. The morality of the country is now in the hands of a new generation. Radical groups form all over Texas in backlash to the post-war re-constructionist politics of the norWillows_Banks_Color_Sepiath. Times have never been more dangerous, as many still fight in the name of the “lost cause.”

But, in the south Texan town of Bandero, the wound begins to fester. Whispers of two rebel-killing gunslingers begin to circulate around the territory. Two lifelong partners, Sam Mathis and Adam Dawson, who at a young age watched their fathers leave for war and never return, and watched their childhood homes burn to the ground with their mothers and adolescence trapped inside. Two who lost everything, and instead of collapsing, chose to build.

Follow the story of Mathis and Dawson, two western gunslingers caught in the middle of a seemingly never-ending, self-perpetuating act of revenge.

Among the Willows by Sam Romesburg and Adam Meadors is an instant classic that fans of western and solid stories will love.

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