Announcement: Among The Willows

Broken Icon Comics mission is to lead in the area of independent comics. Whether those books be horror, the supernatural, the unexplained or even westerns? Why not? Broken Icon Comics has dabbled in westerns in the past with the release of The Cowboy Gauntlet and have seen fit to expand that line.

To expand that line we have tapped the incredible title, Among the Willows by Sam Romesburg and Adam Meadors.

Among the Willows in a limited series that follows around our beloved characters, Sam Mathis and Adam Dawson. Sam and Adam are childhood friends, raised on connecting farms in 1860’s Virginia. As the Civil War rages it reaches their quaint farms with each boy’s father leaving for opposing sides of the war.


Our story starts 20 years later in Texas. Our young boys are now grown protectors of a small town. Running out unwanted guest before their past shows its ugly face.

We are excited to not only share this announcement but the advance review of Among the Willows #1 by the amazing people at Comic Bastards. Click over to their site and read their full review of Among the Willows as well as our profiles of story creators Sam Romesburg and Adam Meadors.

Issue One will be debuted at Gem City Comic Con in Dayton, Ohio. Stay tuned next week for more announcements about Among the Willows!