Review: X-O Manowar #7

Written By: Robert Venditti
Illustrated By: Lee Garbett
Inked By: Stefano Gaudiano
Colored By: Moose Baumann
Reviewed By: Eric Watkins

X-O Manowar is building excitement for this series to monumental proportions. After the revealing of the secret vine living on Earth and the introduction of Ninjak, the creative team has set extremely high standards for the future of this title. I can’t express to you all how amazing this title is and how excited I am about it, wait I can, just keep reading.

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Review: Shadowman #1

Written By: Justin Jordan & Patrick Zircher
Illustrated By: Patrick Zircher
Colored By: Brian Reber
Published By: Valiant Entertainment
Reviewed By: Eric Watkins

While at the Baltimore Comic Con I was able to stop by and speak to the guys at Valiant. I met their amazing line of writers and artist that were on hand at the show and was able to look over the Shadowman preview. The previews really got me excited about this title, so when I got the book today I was extremely excited.

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News: Broken Icon KIDS!

Written By: Frederick E. Dilelio Jr.
Illustrated By: Igor Lazarevic
Colored By: Vladimir Popov
Produced By: Eric Watkins
Published By: Broken Icon KIDS

Today marks a great day for Broken Icon Comics. As of today our new division, Broken Icon KIDS, goes live with its first ever children’s title. This soon to be holiday favorite is a must have for any Christmas or dog fan.

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