News: Halloween Comic

Broken Icon Comics was founded on the idea of making comics that break barriers, take no prisoners and bring cutting edge, gripping tales to readers all over the globe. Our library consist mainly of tales of a different kind. Tales of horror. Tales of hellish monsters and beast. Tales of Goddesses. Tales of empowerment. And these tales, whether based loosely on fact or pure fiction, are meant to engage and entertain.

In honor of these principles, Broken Icon Comics decided to honor Halloween and our core beliefs with another “different” tale. We give to you, Stingy Jack!

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News: Store Updated

Our web store has been updated with new titles available for purchase.

You can now pick up entire collections of The Horror Show, The Man in the Kitty Coat as well as special edition sketch covers of Frank. Check out the store tab for all the print and eBooks you could want.