Pre-Sale: The Blessed Dark

Blessed Dark is a dark story filled with evil and redemption. After her daughter is kidnapped from a grisly murder scene, a woman risks her life and career to embark on a rescue mission. Along the way, she runs into a mysterious stranger who warns her of the return of an ancient evil. Despite her best judgement, she accepts the stranger’s offer of help and the duo begin a journey that which could decide the fate of humanity.

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Pre-Sale: Among the Willows Two

Among the Willows #2 is now available for pre-sale on our webstore. You can click the LINK and grab your copy of the standard cover. Please note that all books will come signed and they will have a FREE limited edition poker chip with them. Keep in mind shipping will begin on May 15th!

News: Director of Coloring

Since the creation of Broken Icon Comics in 2009, James and Eric have strived to create breath taking titles and elevate the creators who have put their time, sweat, and emotions into the projects they have created. As we and our creators have grown we have made changes to various areas including distribution, promotion, and most importantly production. Over the last few years the front office here at BIC has received upgrade after upgrade. Long time members of our staff have become key parts of our executive team, making important decisions as far as appearances, production for writing as well as art, printing, and various other areas of importance. With this in mind we have decided to take the next step and put a renewed focus on the coloring aspect of comics.

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News: Dumo. Tapped for Robyn Hood

Looking for great work? How about Rob Dumo. drawing Robyn Hood? Recently, Broken Icon’s own Rob Dumo. was tapped to illustrate Zenescope’s Robyn Hood #3!

Rob is best known by Broken Icon fans for his popular artwork in Nightmare Unknown and the upcoming Chosen and Forsaken #0, set for April release.

We can’t wait for Robyn Hood #3.