Chosen & Forsaken

chosen logoThe world has perished. Whether the blame is put to man or something greater, one thing is certain: Nothing is ever what it seems. A band of five gathers—so lovingly nicknamed “The Damned” by the resident jokester; Frost—sifts through the torn world to find food, water, livestock and any other supplies that will sustain their people on “The Isle”.

Their leader, the quiet Eliot Kaine, begins to have nightmares and déjà vu. He begins to think this outbreak is much more than the survivors gossip about. It is soon discovered that God, Gaia, Satan, and man have nothing to do with the destruction on Earth… But the four horseman do.

Voodoo’s Dembala takes his form as Pestilence to rid the world of civilization. The sickest and most destructive of man on Earth is resurrected as War. Ceres the Roman goddess of the harvest and funerals assumes the position of Famine. All are led by Mictlantecuhtli the Aztec God of the underworld who requires cannibalistic tributes.

With Chosen and Forsaken, these new incarnations of the four horsemen presents a no-holds-barred on world and religion. They’ve set out to trump the powers that have reigned over them for centuries and create a new world—One that exists under their rule. What stands between them and this goal is Kaine’s team of survivors, a group that holds on to the one bit of arsenal that could end this battle once and for all: Hope.

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“The Lord is going to devastate the earth and leave it desolate. He will twist the earth’s surface and scatter its people. Everyone will meet the same fate-the priests and the people, slaves and masters, buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, rich and poor. The earth will lie shattered and ruined. The Lord has spoken and it will be done.”
-Isaiah Ch. 24

“And it will be done”? Yeah, he wasn’t fucking around. The only thing the almighty left out was the part about using a worldwide plague that would bring the dead back to life. Thanks for the heads up.

So what happens when the dead come back to life? The world collapses. No one knew how to deal with it, how to handle them. Leadership disappeared and people began to cling to whatever hope they could find. Who was left after that found the island.

It was perfect, one way on and one way off. We could control the environment. And the best part was those has-beens were a few hundred yards away, separated from us them is the strong current of the Ohio River. Only a few of us were allowed off the island, probably because in the early years when the gathers died more often than not, our team always survived.

Some call us the chosen, I think it’s more like the Forsaken.

Eliot Kaine
14 April 2012