Con: Tricon Exclusives

The largest BIC gathering of the year takes place in Huntington, WV at the Tri-State Comic Con, Tricon. Tricon has an incredible fan base who have always been incredibly supportive of all the books that we put out. This year we are doing something special for those fans, releasing three exclusive covers.


First is Ichabod #1, by James Maddox and Jesse Marks. Exclusive cover artwork done by Darryl Banks and colored by Nicholas Wentland. This is both an exclusive variant, and a Tricon debut!

Next is Ogden Falls #1, by James Maddox and Landon Franklin. Exclusive cover artwork done by Drew Moss and colored by Nick Wentland. A great story by a killer team! This exclusive is a must have!

And last but not least, we have Among the Willows #3, by Sam Romesburg and Adam Meadors. Exclusive cover artwork by Tommy Patterson and colored by Nick Wentland. Continuing the amazing story of Among the Willows, this issue and all previous issues will be available at the show!

Be sure to pick up the awesome Exclusive Variant Issues available at Tri-State Comic Con (Tricon) 2017 this weekend! If you buy all three limited issues, you get a free BIC tote bag to fill with all the great stuff you get at the convention!

These great exclusives will make excellent additions to your collection and reading enjoyment, and we will see you at TRICON!