Ansley McDaniel

Ansley McDaniel


Ansley is a varied artist who works in a variety of different mediums–most recently, she has picked up comic work. Her style usually doesn’t stray too far from the fantasy genre, but she does on occasion create pieces that lean more towards realism. She’s hoping to turn her experience as a comic illustrator into another artistic outlet.

More of Ansley’s work can be viewed on her WEBSITE.

Which creators are inspirations to you?
As far as comics go, Frank Cho is by far my favorite. I especially love his female characters–they’re just so sexy and empowered! My favorite artists in general would have to be Frank Frazetta, Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo. The majority of my personal work is often set in fantasy themes, and they have always been a source of inspiration.

What is your favorite part of drawing/coloring?
Everything! I love bringing my ideas to life because it’s often a constant evolution; one little idea in my mind can grow and change into something awesome when I put it to paper.

Why comics?
I like to be as versatile as possible. As an artist, I feel I’ll be more successful if I branch out, try new things and master as many mediums as I can. Comics are a somewhat uncharted territory for me and I’m ready to take on the challenge!

Favorite comic of all time?
While I haven’t read too many comics, I do enjoy a good graphic novel. My favorite would have to be Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman: The Dream Hunters”, illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano.

Favorite comic movie of all time?
Any of the Iron Man movies, but that may or may not be because I have a bias towards Robert Downey Jr.

Worst comic movie?
The Fantastic 4, Ghost Rider and Elektra were all pretty bad…

Do you listen to music, watch a certain show or are you in silence when you draw/color?
Yes! It varies depending on my mood, but I tend to stick to NIN, Tool and A Perfect Circle. If I’m feeling super mushy, I usually listen to 80’s and 90’s alternative music.

She is currently working on her first professional title, Stuck.