Clint Richie

Clint Richie

Clint headshotI am an artist from Southern Indiana. I learned to draw at an early age, mostly from my older brother who I believe is more of a natural artist than I am. If it wasn’t for him, I might only be able to draw stick figures.

More of Clint’s work can be viewed on his DEVIANT.

Which creators are inspirations to you?
Like many aspiring comic book artists on the fringe, I would say Robert Crumb. His stuff always seemed like the real world to me, even his cartoony stuff with all those slumped over, sad-looking characters plodding through those gritty urban landscapes. I’ve never been into super slick and sexy artwork. Art that is too crisp and glossy always bothered me. However, there are a few exceptions. Charles Burns, for instance. Another big influence on me is David Lynch. Eraserhead might be my favorite movie of all time. I’m not sure what that says about me; probably something unsettling.

What is your favorite part of drawing/coloring?
Creating characters. Drawing faces and creating a world for them to live in.

Why comics?
It’s a bit easier and far less expensive than making a movie.

Favorite comic of all time?
Can’t say I have one. I like a lot of independent stuff, though. Anything real and down to Earth; anything autobiographical; American Splendor, works by Michael Dougan and John Backderf. I don’t care for superhero stories or anything related to them, but I do like horror comics, Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, etc. Graham Ingels was a great artist, really like his stuff.

Favorite comic movie of all time?
A History of Violence, American Splendor, Ghost World.

Worst comic movie?
Man of Steel

Do you listen to music, watch certain shows or are you in silence when you draw/color?
It just depends. Music is important if you really need to get into a certain mood to draw. Other times, you need to concentrate, so music could be a distraction.

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