Jordan Lowe

Jordan Lowe

195824_537625712363_7276034_nJordan Lowe is a comic shop owner from Marietta, Ohio.  He opened his store more to meet fellow comic creators than to make a sustainable, dignified living.  Luckily, the gambit paid off and he has befriended and worked with a number of very talented collaborators both local and not-so-local.  He writes the long-running web comic “Short Pants Romance,” about a former kid sidekick whose best days are behind him, stumbling through his twenties.  He is also the co-creator of the mockumentary web series about life in a small town comic book store, “Running the Asylum,” and a founding member of the Ohio Valley Artists League, editing their annual “OVAL Presents” anthology.  With “Stuck,” his first full-length graphic novel, he joins the ever-expanding stable of talent at Broken Icon.

More of Jordan’s work can be viewed on his FAN PAGE.

Which creators are inspirations to you?
I have a number of favorite writers, but the ones who have impacted me the most have to be Alan Moore (for always imagining deeper levels), Neil Gaiman (for expressing the biggest ideas in the simplest words), Brian Michael Bendis (for dialogue), Hermann Hesse (for psychology), Flannery O’Connor (for character) and Elmore Leonard (for economy and for never allowing a dull exchange or a flat supporting character).

What is your favorite part of writing?

When it finally clicks. That moment, when some idea you jotted down a month ago seamlessly meshes something you pull out of thin air with some corner you’ve painted yourself into and it forms a perfect solution beyond your ability to plan. That makes all the other aggravation, frustration and second guessing that comes along with writing completely worth it.

Why comics?
The complex depth of words, mixed with the emotion and immediacy of images? It hits both head and heart, creating something greater than the sum of its parts. I honestly believe there is no better medium for telling a story.

Favorite comic of all time?
I don’t think I could ever narrow down my top story arc, series or run on a title, but my all-time favorite single issue of anything is Animal Man #5, “The Coyote Gospel” by Grant Morrison and Chas Truog. It mixes religion, Warner Brothers cartoons and superheroes into a mind-bending cocktail that quite seriously changed my perspective of all three.

Favorite comic movie of all time?
I like plenty of them, from the fun popcorn stuff like “The Avengers” to the more offbeat ones like “Ghost World,” but I don’t think anything’s ever been better than “The Dark Knight. That being said, I can also quote every line of dialogue from the original “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie.

Worst comic movie?
I really despise the ones that don’t respect the source material and think they’re clever enough to “improve” a character that’s been perfected over decades. Or anything with a “3” after the title.

Do you listen to music, watch a certain show or are you in silence when you write?
It depends on where I am in the process. If I’m just outlining, daydreaming or plotting out pages, I’ll usually be listening to something that feels appropriate for the tone of the book. If I’m deep into it, I need silence so I can make sure everything fits together like I think it should and so I can hear the voices of the characters talking to each other.

What would you like to see happen in the comic industry in the future?
Comics will continue to push into the mainstream and they’ll eventually figure out the bells and whistles needed to make digital distribution a viable thing, I’m sure, but I hope neither comes at the cost of the story.I want the big companies to take as much care and effort creating the original content as they do the format it’s being read or other medium it’s being adapted into. And obviously, I want indie comics to start taking a larger slice of the pie. I’d like to see small creators find big audiences and known creators take huge risks and end up with many more people reading many more kinds of comics.

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