Nick “Iowa” Wentland

Nick “Iowa” Wentland

From the corn-laden land of the Hawkeyes and insurance companies, Nick is an artist of many talents. He has worked professionally as a graphic artist and 3D modeler, and writes short stories and novels in his spare time. After spending nearly a decade on the road as a bass player in a signed metal band, he decided he’d had enough of the fame and fortune, and entered the world of comic books. Comics and drawing have always been his first loves and he decided it was time to unleash them on the world. He has just begun his career as a professional artist, but the future already looks quite promising.
Job Title: Printing Coordinator
Hometown: Adele, Iowa

Which creators are inspirations to you?
David Finch is probably my all time favorite, but I have to put McFarlane, Michael Turner, Silvestri, and Jae Lee on that list as well.

What is your favorite part about drawing?
My favorite part is being able to bring characters to life and bring imaginary worlds to reality.  I love the look on a writer’s face when I have
taken one of their characters that has been trapped in their mind and release them into a world where they can live and breathe and anyone can
look on them and see their vision.

Why comics?
I guess it is simply because I love comic books.  It is a rich, colorful medium that can encompass literally any genre and any situation.  It
gives both artists and writers infinite opportunities to create incredible artwork through and through.

Favorite comic of all time?
I suppose if I had a gun to my head, it would have to be Spider Man.

Favorite comic movie of all time?
It is a dead heat tie between Iron Man and Spider Man 2.

Worst comic movie?

Daredevil was pretty bad…Im blind and you’re rich let’s kung fu fight!  I dont know who you are but i think i love you let’s kung fu fight! We are on a college campus in the middle of the day let’s kung fu fight!  You killed my father you dirty rat let’s kung fu fight!

Do you listen to music, watch A Certain show or are you in silence When You draw?
I listen to music mainly.  I turn my playlist on shuffle and go to it. Occasionally I will watch the History Channel or Forensic Files when I am sketching or doing cartoons.

He is currently working on G-Raver for Broken Icon.