Patrick Mulholland

Patrick Mulholland

1470232_10153609324170444_1547280452_nPatrick is an artist and colorist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As a child, Patrick drew picture of Spider-Man, which almost looked like Spider-Man. And with that his journey began.

More of Patrick’s work can be viewed on his DEVIANT.

Which creators are inspirations to you?
If I had to pick it would be Sean Murphy for his dynamic style and detail and Frank Quietly for his story telling.

What is your favorite part of drawing/coloring?
Seeing the finished picture. Sometimes I don’t know what its going to look like until it’s done. Then I can pat myself on the back or hit the delete button.

Why comics?
Because of the unique method of story telling. It’s visual but the reader dictates the pace. You are only limited by your imagination. If you turn to page two of All-Star Superman for that splash page, you can see what comics can do that you can’t replicate in a movie or novel.

Favorite comic of all time?
All-Star Superman.

Favorite comic movie of all time?
The Dark Knight with the Avengers in a close second.

Worst comic movie?
Green Lantern.

Do you listen to music, watch a certain show or are you in silence when you draw/color?
I’ll usually put on Netflix or listen to some podcast.

First! And looking forward to it.