Tristan Kelly

Tristan Kelly

From the great state of Kansas, Tristan Kelly, is bringing his love for comics to Broken Icon. Tristan began with limited experience but has quickly started building and impressive portfolio. He recently finished his first professional comic, a twelve page short entitled Grocery Assassins.

You can follow his work on his FAN PAGE.

Which creators are inspirations to you?
Music usually inspires me the most, but a really good movie with great visuals will want to make me draw like crazy.

What is your favorite part of drawing/coloring?
Seeing the finished product. It hardly ever comes out like I imagined it would, and a lot of times it’s more awesome for it.

Why comics?
I’ve been reading comics since I was a kid and I love them, I feel like I have the talent, and ever since I realized I probably won’t get superpowers, drawing and creating heroes was the next best thing.

Favorite comic of all time?
Superman Speeding Bullets. It’s an Elseworlds title, it’s the first comic I remember my dad buying me, so theres nostalgia. Plus you can’t beat a Superman/Batman combo character. Series? Green Lantern. The idea that it’s all about your imagination being your power is awesome, and I love the color green.

Favorite comic movie of all time?
Is it too soon to say Avengers? Because….Avengers.

Worst comic movie?
I have vowed a sacred oath to never speak aloud the horrible atrocity that involves Halle Barry. Here’s a hint, she was in four different comic movies, take your pick.

Do you listen to music, watch A Certain show or are you in silence When You draw/color?
I’ve listened to music before, but I usually have a TV show or a movie in the background. Background noise is actually really helpful in helping me focus. Just not the screaming kids, barking dogs, naggy lady background noise, that just messes with my zen.

Grocery Assassins (Broken Icon Comics) Issue 0