Eric Watkins

Eric Watkinspromo photo

When Eric is not out saving the world from Nazi penguins or flying giraffes, he is stocking Broken Icon with talented writers and artist. He also moonlights as a writer with titles like Chosen and Forsaken and Night of the Living Tricon under his belt. Currently he has plenty of products in production like The Man in the Kitty Coat, Mars and The Cowboy’s Gauntlet.

Job Title: Director of Operations
Hometown: Belpre, Ohio

Favorite Comic:

All New X-Men and anything with Ska’ar.

Favorite Movie:
Zombieland, Step Brothers and any WWII films (Hollywood or Documentary)

Favorite Snack:
I may be a big guy, but yougurt.

I like to see myself as:
A white ninja.

What would your last meal be:
I can’t say her name…what?

Do you have a guilty pleasure:
Steelers football and all you haters can stare at our Six trophies.

Makes me wanna pull my hair out:
Close 4th quarter football games and missed deadlines.

If I could be a character I would be:
Jesus…what? hes in a book.

Song I would torture someone with:
Anything Cindi Loper or on James’ ipod.

Most overrated:
Person: Tom Brady Place: New York Thing: PS3