James Maddox

James Maddox


When it comes to fiction, James Maddox writes everything from novels to short stories to comics. James has created some acclaimed titles including Nightmare Unknown and The Horror Show. He has numerous projects in the works.
Job Title: Chief Editor
Hometown: Huntington, WV

See more of his work at www.jamesmaddox.net.

Favorite Comic:
Transmetropolitan. As an homage to Thompson and a commentary on society, Ellis nailed all the markers of fantastic storytelling.

Favorite Movie:

Toss up between The Big Lebowski and Fight Club. I tend to like movies you can sit down with more than once and continue to find new things.

Favorite Snack:
Eric keeps supplying me with huge bags of Snyder’s Honey BBQ chips and I keep emptying them, so probably that.

I like to see myself as:

What would your last meal be:
Don’t know, but I would hope that Dave Snider was cooking it for me. The guy cooked up some fish not too long ago and it’s been stuck in my head since.

Do you have a guilty pleasure:
Video games. They often get in the way of writing, but sometimes they’re too damn good to pass up.

Makes me wanna pull my hair out:
Blind stubborness.

If I could be a character I would be:
Philip Marlowe. Definitely, Philip Marlowe.

Song I would torture someone with:
Yellow Submarine. I love the Beatles, and sure, the song’s fine once or twice, but after a while, it would just cause your eyes to leak out their sockets.

Most overrated:
Person: Glenn Beck (from the point of view of both sides)   Place: Venice   Thing: Television