Rebecca Null

Rebecca Null

11141_1060918980141_2713763_nRebecca is a junior/young adult children’s librarian when she’s not working at Broken Icon Comics. She reads anything fantasy and science fiction that she gets her hands on, plays video & paper dice games, and watches too many geeky/nerdy TV shows and movies.
Title: Managing Editor
Hometown: Belpre, Ohio

Favorite Comics:
Buffy: the Vampire Slayer & Iron Man

Favorite Movie:
Children of Dune

Favorite Snack:
Anything Fruit

I like to see myself as:

What would your last meal be:
My Mom’s Sweet & Sour Pork

Do you have a guilty pleasure:
Watching WWE & Total Divas

Makes me wanna pull my hair out:
Books in a series I wait a long time for and they do not live up to the ones before

If I could be a character I would be:
Jacen Solo, pre-Sith

Song I would torture someone with:
Anything Justin Bieber

Most overrated:
Person: Kardashians Place: California Thing: Reality TV