Rob Dumo.

Rob Dumo.

Rob’s been a professional Artist for ten years, mostly working outside of comics as a freelance illustrator, live caricature artist, and graphic designer. His published credits include penciler on the book Thoughtless by Northern Lights Comics, along with multiple ashcans for independent writers. Rob was the artist on Broken Icon’s Nightmare Unknown. He is currently Broken Icon Comic’s Art Director.
Job Title: Art Director
Hometown: Batavia, NY


Who are your inspirations?
I’m really into what Ryan Ottley is doing on invincible right now. I’m also a professional caricature artist and member of the ISCA (international society of caricature artists) and there are tons of great artists that I consider huge influences on the direction my art is going.

What is your favorite part of drawing?
Probably finishing something that I felt I’ve successfully portrayed and being able to notice improvement over something I might have drawn in the past.

Why did you choose comics as your medium?
While I was growing up and really becoming a better artist, I noticed some of the best art I found was in comics and it really inspired me.
Since then it’s always been my number one love stylistically.

What have you been able to do different from your normal process?
Well, I’m also inking which isn’t something I always do. I tend to have some trust issues with having another person tackle my art, since I’ve had some alterations made to my pencils in the past. This way I know they are alterations I’ve decided on.

Favorite comic of all time?

Hard to say, because I’ve got lots of favorites for different reasons but I’ll throw Sandman out there as one of the contenders for the top spot.

Favorite comic movie of all time? Worst of all time?

I really liked Sin City.

Worst comic movie?

Batman and Robin is pretty bad, but Catwoman may be worse.

Do you listen to music, watch a certain show, or are you in silence when you draw?
I’ll throw on some TV series I’m watching, so right now it’s either Dragonball, Weeds and Battlestar Galactica.

Any published works, or is this your first?
I penciled a book called Thoughtless for Northern Lights Comics. It was their first book and they still haven’t published issue 2 which i finished 2 years ago. I’ve also done illustration for the online Sci-Fi magazine Baen’s Universe.