Vladimir Popov

Vladimir Popov

Vladimir Popov began his career with Broken Icon handling the coloring duties on Chosen and Forsaken as well as Nightmare Unknown. He also did a stint as the artist on the web comic, The Death of James Maddox. Since then Vladimir has moved on to become a colorist with BOOM Studios and Dynamite Entertainment.
Job Title: Consultant
Hometown: Zrenjanin, Serbia

His website: http://popow.biz

Who are your inspirations when it comes to your art?

Moebius, Simon Bisley, Frank Frazetta, Robert Crumb, Alex Raymod, Wally Wood and Don Lawrence.

What is your favorite part of drawing?

 Layouts and directing, when I design how I want to tell the story

Why did you chose comics as your medium?

I love movies and always loved to tell stories, and love art and comics. So it just naturally came for me to draw comics.

What have you been able to do different from your normal process?

Everything. Experimenting with styles and design is always inspirational and creative for an artist.

Favorite comic of all time?

Incal and Slaine The Honored God.

Favorite comic movie of all time?

Tim Burton’s Batman.

Worse comic movie?

Catwoman, somewhat Electra, Steel, and Ghost Rider

Do you listen to music, watch A Certain show or are you in silence When You draw?

Always have some music in the background.

Any published works or if this is your first?

I have a few published works in my country in the last few years. And a  few issues with Broken Icon Comics 🙂 , few issues with Bluewater Comics and some stuff with Zenescope so far.