Damon Heard

Damon Heard

fb_img_1481145753593Damon Heard was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Raised on Marvel’s X comics from a very young age, he always wanted to get into the comic business but gave up after discovering he was an awful artist. After graduating high school, Damon kicked around the world a bit and now resides in Baltimore, Maryland, where he takes every opportunity to take his pants off and write comics.

Which creators are inspirations to you?
Authors who can create fully realized characters with depth, even when playing with someone else’s toys. Alan Moore, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Brian K. Vaughn, Brian Michael Bendis, Greg Rucka, Marc Bernardin, Matt Fraction, Meredith Finch, Mark Waid…too many to list.

Why comics?
Comics are the one medium in which there’s equal weight between what is said and what isn’t. A panel with characters portrayed in a way that evokes emotion can carry, or even outshine, as much as one filled with dialogue. It’s a beautiful art form that isn’t too bogged down by trivialities.

Favorite comic of all time?
The Dark Knight Returns. Frank Miller informed my view of Batman for the rest of my life.

Favorite comic movie of all time?

Worst comic movie?
Elektra, by far…

Do you listen to music, watch a certain show or are you in silence when write?
I’ll usually throw something good on the TV that’s the same genre as what I’m writing. Right now I’m watching a lot of horror and westerns.

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