ECCENTRIX titleZipman fights crime harder than any other hero– which isn’t always a good thing. Eccentrix brings the tale of a hero who is as unsettling as he is effective.

With his personal style of justice, Zipman does his best to stop evil at every turn, but his methods are a subject of heavy debate. Now, while Zipman’s leadership is trying to keep him controlled, one member prepares to take his attack to the next level. 
With a heavy hitter brought in to eliminate Zipman, Villains and Heroes flee as two powerful fighters go toe-to-toe. Chaos and destruction rain down on the city, making this a new and exciting take on the super-hero genre.

1924363_10152677500944875_4955951980612861318_n“I’d understand if you mistook [Eccentrix] to be an uncharacteristically original new title from one of the major professional publishers. But instead, it’s something better: Up-and-coming creators delivering genuinely unpredictable, top-tier comics.” – From the forward by James Asmus

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