Final LogoWhen your crimes are so reprehensible that you can never see the light of day again, your sent to Hell’s Gate. This top secret maximum security prison houses the worst criminals that society has to offer, or at least the criminals it wants to throw away.

These men have always been the alpha males. The predators of society. But now something more terrifying has come to Hell’s Gate, and no matter how tough, evil or bad-ass the inmates may be, this monster is so much more.

Follow a group of surviving inmates as they fight to survive the remaining guards, the monster and each other for 24 hours. They’ve all been knocked down the food chain by this true apex hunter.


Warden’s Log
Day 4378

In just a couple days it will be my twelve year anniversary at this prison. Twelve years as Warden of this shit hole. There are perks to this job though, like the lottery.

I thought I was hearing things when they told me to execute twelve inmates a year. But who am I to question orders. So with orders to use “my discretion” on how I pick these inmates, I created the lottery. A completely random lottery to select that one unlucky person each month. What does it matter though? They all deserve it.

Since its a special occasion I selected two inmates this month, as a gift to myself. Today I drew Inmate #001078 and Inmate #000991. One believes he’s a vigilante, he’s completely fucking crazy, the other one is a model citizen amongst the trash in the place. No matter though, in forty-eight hours, they’ll both be dead and to be completely honest with myself, I don’t really give a shit.

I do love the sound of that chair coming to life…and watching their bodies shake.

Happy Anniversary to me!

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