The Man in the Kitty Coat


The small town of Sawpit, Colorado has never had to deal with much. Aside from one of their own going on to play football for the Naval Academy, it’s had a pretty quiet history. Out of nowhere a virus starts to infect younger people in the town. Their skin turns pale, their veins turn black, their eyes turn white and begin to bleed and this is all before a fit of psychotic rage and death.

print1_4x6Hometown hero, Joe, a former Midshipman turned investigative reporter, is digging into the incidents as they happen in Sawpit. Trying to find some connection. Trying to find a person responsible so they can be dealt with.

Joe starts to find subtle things that connect the viral outbreak to a former government doctor. As he nears a final solution he is brought into a special task force that is tasked with bringing the creator of the virus to justice. Joe has to battle his own demons and eventually make a choice that will shape the rest of humanity for generations to come.