Nae Esteban

Nae Esteban


Born in the summer of 1981, Nae Esteban has been coloring since she was three years old, when she redecorated her parents house walls. Since then, she hasn’t stop to investigate and try all kind of art expressions. She studied art and fashion and worked as a photographer, costume designer, graphic designer, illustrator, colorist, baker and writer. She is the author of two books: the novel “Mysteryville” and the cookbook “Recetas Zombies y de Otros Monstruos”, both published in Spain by Tyrannosaurus Books. When she is not writing or coloring, she is cooking all kind of cakes and cookies and, sometimes, she even paints mandalas (although she doesn’t want this to be known).

Which creators are inspirations to you?
Laura Allred, Natacha Bustos, Andrea Torrejón, Srta M, Dave Stewart, Muntsa Vicente, Francisco Plascencia, Elizabeth Breitweiser, Sarah Horne, Scott Hampton…

What is your favorite part of coloring?
To color something is like to give it more life, in my opinion. I enjoy all the process from start to finish.

Why comics?
I am a big fan of comics, since I was children. Comics let you tell a story in a very fast way without forgetting any important element and without borrowing you much time as a reader. They join the best visual aspects of cinema and the depth of literature.

Favorite comic of all time?
Right now Paper Girls and Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur. Also in my list are Gotham Central, Stray Bullets, Mark Kneece and Julie Collins-Rousseau’s Trailers, Simon Dark…

Favorite comic movie?
Ghost World, American Splendor, Tim Burton’s Batman, The Crow, Punisher: War Zone, Howard the Duck, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), Superman (1978), Man of Steel…

Worst comic movie?
Ang Lee’s Hulk.

Do you listen to music or watch a certain show or are you in silence while writing?
I have TV turned on in any program that doesn’t distract me. Sometimes I also listen to music, instead of TV.

Some published works in Spain in the last few years. Broken Icon Comics is my step across the pond!