New Release: Bonecheck GN

Following Tricon we are so excited to release Bonecheck to the public! Camron Johnson has worked extremely hard on this project and to finally have it in print is not only a big deal for him but for us as well.

So is Bonecheck a title for you?

Bonecheck follows a sinister-smiling, never-ending nicknamed bounty hunter in a drunken limbo inherited via an ancestral bar tab left open at the local Saloon. The Barkeep and his theatre-turned-piano bar has served as a cage; using each generation’s family member as a weapon to equalize the mortal realm. Fueled by rare, animalistic tendency-inducing booze, the Cryptic Creeper takes on a new “missing persons” case that promises reward, a Bonecheck!

A sacred document written in the blood of the Barkeep, granting the recipient highly coveted Saloon Credits which can be used not only to weaken the debt owed, but strengthen the urge to poor a drink after a long night’s work and let the good times roll.

Bonecheck fits the Broken Icon mold in style and story. And our fans will love this unique storytelling and the experience that Camron creates for his readers. You can pick this book up now in our store so click the LINK and grab a copy while supplies last!

No Rules. No Apologies.