News: Broken Icon Presents…

In 2009, Eric and James started Broken Icon Comics with the goal of bringing unique comics with edge to the market. In the four years since, they have released numerous titles that test the boundaries of comics, including Nightmare Unknown and HunterPrey. Also, they have begun to release short stories that contain just as much bite and entertainment as many full graphic novels.

Today, however, marks a new chapter in Broken Icon’s history. The company is proud the announce the newest release in its catalogue: Joseph Schmalke’s The Calamitous Black Devils. This bundle of hellacous beauty is scheduled to begin its circulation in May 2014, but we will be leading up to that release with plenty of production announcements and sneak peeks from the title.


The Calamitous Black Devils is a SF thriller set during World War II. It follows an elite brigade of Army operatives—the Black Devils—as they attempt to stop a top-secret Nazi plot to harness a multidimensional gateway. The team must fight their way through Nazis, the undead, aliens, and ancient Gods as they try to live for another day.

“This is a big deal for Broken Icon” says Director of Operations Eric Watkins. “This is a unique and visually appealing story that we think will wow readers.”

It may be almost a year away from release but Schmalke is hard at work finishing off his first run of this series. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned for updates on this and other Broken Icon features and events!