News: Director of Coloring

Since the creation of Broken Icon Comics in 2009, James and Eric have strived to create breath taking titles and elevate the creators who have put their time, sweat, and emotions into the projects they have created. As we and our creators have grown we have made changes to various areas including distribution, promotion, and most importantly production. Over the last few years the front office here at BIC has received upgrade after upgrade. Long time members of our staff have become key parts of our executive team, making important decisions as far as appearances, production for writing as well as art, printing, and various other areas of importance. With this in mind we have decided to take the next step and put a renewed focus on the coloring aspect of comics.

For this we needed a special creator. Someone who could step into this role and use their experience and skills to help bring along the next wave of amazing colorist. I know this seems a bit long winded for a normal announcement from us here but we wanted to express the importance of not only the coloring aspect of our comics but the importance of the man who will be taking on this new role, Robert Nugent.

Robert has steam rolled through the comics industry in just over seven years. He began his career with Broken Icon Comics on a series of stories by former BIC creator, KJ Mendenhall. From there, he moved on to work with team of Wentland and Clough as he colored Landon Franklin’s lines for their graphic novel, Traitors Grace. Robert has also colored various projects for various publishers including another in progress title with BIC.

As the Director of Coloring, Robert will not only teach our colorists the finer points of coloring but he will teach them about self promotion and the value of their craft. We are so pleased to have Robert joining our front office. We thank him for everything he has done and are excited to bring our colorists under his wings.