News: Upcoming Projects

Broken Icon Comics was founded on a principle of bringing gripping and edgy work that sparks creative thought into anyone who reads it. We have created and shaped some pretty awesome worlds, and that is only getting better in the times ahead.

Our library increased in 2015 to present incredible titles like The Horror Show and Sevara, but we’re far from finished. Going into 2016, we have developed stories like The Cowboy Gauntlet and The Showdown, which will spearhead a new line-up of quality entertainment on the horizon.

Between now and next year, Traitors Grace, Pete, The Man in the Kitty Coat and G-Raver will get collected into trades, while The Incredibly Odd & Sometimes Eerie Tales of Two Gun Thomas Coe, Knight of Horror, Frank, Arkham Pulp, Eccentrix and Ogden Falls will begin production and will be released in promotional singles as well as digital forms throughout the year, leading to a large 2017 release.

BIC_Twitter_Banner In addition, 2017 will also see the deluxe hardcover of The Horror Show. With new covers, stories and artwork, culminating in what will be a must-own edition.

As always, BIC is welcoming new creators into the fold, while also seeing the re-acclimation of familiar voices and artists.

Suffice it to say, the future of this label is bright, and the futures of our creators are even brighter.