News: VD for Everyone!

To celebrate Halloween Broken Icon released a free short comic, Stingy Jack. Stingy Jack told the story of a the Irish legend of Jack O’Lanterns. For the good old VD, Valentines Day we decided to bring our readers another…unique tale.

This free comic brings two of BIC’s newest heroes, Boom and Thomas Coe into a world where love is in the air!


The Incredibly Odd and Eerie Tales of Two Gun Thomas Coe is a story about a cowboy and an organic sentient robot travelling through configurations of Earth’s history. And while they aren’t really travelling through history, they are doing…stuff. This epic story is based off a faux sales pitch worked up by BIC creators Justin Birch and Tristan Kelly. And now you get to benefit.

The story was written by Eric Watkins, illustrated by Tristan Kelly, lettered by Justin Birch and colored by Nicholas Wentland. So please click the link. Read. Enjoy. Share. And enjoy VD and all its greatness…yeah…!