The most important thing to know…these are NOT zombies.

MasksA plague has infected over half the population turning them into cannibals. Now, keep in mind they are not zombies. These are living breathing humans that have lost the ability of self control. They don’t infect you and turn you into one of them, they just eat you.

Did I mention they’re blind? Or that they have heightened sense of smell and hearing? Yeah, sucks to not be infected.

Humanity has receded into pockets of small communities, hiding from the infected, except Pete. This story follows Pete, a twelve year old boy who has survived since the beginning on his own. He has learned to survive by having keen places to hide, understanding what he needs to survive and by studying the infected, whom he calls Masks.

This is the debut graphic novel of Clint Richie. His artwork, inking, coloring and lettering skills will all be on display with this title. He is a one man wrecking crew.