Review: Bloodshot #1

Written By: Duane Sweirczynski
Illustrated By: Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi
Inked By: Stefano Gaudiano
Colored By: Ian Hannin
Published By: Valiant Entertainment
Reviewed By: Eric Watkins

I’ve been waiting to read Bloodshot #1 since early May when the preview came out around FCBD; when I was put on the official early review list by the generous people at Valiant, that desire grew even more. Now here we are just one week away from the July 11th release of Bloodshot and I am giving you my review of this anticipated title.

I know that I hyped myself up for this book so much that I figured it might not be as good as I had hoped. With that expectation in mind I started to read the book with an open mind and tried to minimize my expectations. That lasted about nine pages or so before I started to scream in excitement at the book I was reading.

As a refresher for you new to Bloodshot or new readers in general. With billions of nanites running through his body Bloodshot has an incredible amount of regeneration abilities; he can be persuaded via one of the many computer generated lives he lives and follows orders like no other. Bloodshot is the perfect weapon.

Enough talking, how was the book?

Story wise, it was very solid. I really enjoyed how it unfolded and it kept me entertained all along. Duane Sweirczynski did a fantastic job of integrating new readers and re-introducing old readers to Bloodshot. As the story unfolded I really got into the book even more and was really taken back by the breakdown of the lies programmed into Bloodshot. The way his “families” were revealed really amazed me and was my favorite part. Sweirczynski did his job and made me want to read more.

The best part of this book was the artwork. Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi have a special touch when it comes to Bloodshot. The regeneration sequence was fantastic and I loved the ending sequence when the “target” was getting hosed with bullets. There is really no need to rant about the artwork when it was simply fantastic.

I was not a big of fan of the coloring in this book. I felt that some of the characters were over shaded and in places the characters looked plastic or airbrushed. The base was great but I thought some things were just over detailed. This book could have succeeded more with a less is more approach.

So, whats my final take?

Overall this book is a great read. As I said I knew I over hyped this book in my mind, but that does not detract from how good it is. The story is extremely well done and very enjoyable. The artwork is fantastic and keeps you drawn to the sweet action scenes. This book is not a slow builder, it drops you right into the action and is so much better for it. Its the funnest action read I’ve read in a while.

Bloodshot #1 will be available on Tuesday, July 11th and I highly recommend you check it out. Check Valiants WEBSITE for more information on their great titles including Bloodshot. I really enjoyed the book and feel confident to give it 4 of 5 Denarii.

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