Review: X-O Manowar #3

Written By: Robert Venditti
Illustrated By: Cary Nord
Inked By: Stefano Gaudiano
Colored By: Moose Baumann
Published By: Valiant Entertainment
Reviewed By: Eric Watkins

This series caught my attention and just keeps me coming back for more. The third installment of X-O Manowar brings Aric and his men face to face with the man who captured them, Commander Trill. Aric is getting a feel for the armor and all the capabilities that it has.

Riveting, simply riveting, that is the simplest things you can say about this series. I truly believe that nothing could happen in an issue and Robert Venditti could still hold onto you. Not much happens in the story line here, except for the fight with The Vines, Aric’s showdown with Commander Trill and his travel to modern day Rome. Okay, so a lot happens and its an entertaining journey the entire time. I once again have to give a round of applause to Robert for another gripping and extremely fun installment of X-O.

Cary Nord again impresses with his artwork. Now, we’ve seen Aric and The Vine, but now we get to see X-O in action. I was so stoked to see X-O kicking some ass and his showdown with The Vine and Trill. It was beautifully done and really great to see. Since Broken Icon Comics logo is the coliseum, how could we not love the return to Rome. What? It’s a connection we have with this book.

Overall this is another fantastic installment. The story progresses at a great action packed pace and really leaves you on edge for the fourth issue. It really speaks volumes when you can read the third issue on a Wednesday and yearn for the fourth issue as soon as you finish.

I love this series and if you have not checked it out, jump on it. Issue 3 is available on Wednesday, July 18th and is well worth the read. For the second straight issue I give X-O Manowar 4 out of 5 Denarii.

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