stuck_verbageWhen an object of immense power accidentally falls into the hands of a timid young woman trapped in a dead-end life, the fate of everyone she knows is suddenly on her shoulders. She can’t understand it. She can’t control it. She can’t remove it. But the deeper it digs into her, the less stuck she finally begins to feel.

Stuck, a new graphic novel from Broken Icon Comics by writer Jordan Lowe and artist Ansley McDaniel.


Leanne had her Friday night planned.  Wrapping up her shift at the diner.  Getting her sister to the babysitter.  Spending an evening out with her boyfriend.  It was the same weekend routine she’d had since returning to her rural hometown.  But this Friday night ended with armed criminals, federal agents and an object of unknown origin and abilities digging itself straight into Leanne’s flesh and not letting go.  Now she’s on the run, unsure who she can trust or what the item’s true purpose is.  But as the walls close in, Leanne begins to find a strength she didn’t know was inside her and a feeling of freedom she’d all but forgotten.

Scripted by Jordan Lowe and drawn by Ansley McDaniel, Stuck is a fast-paced, exciting and heartfelt graphic novel featuring 48 pages of full-color art and a bevy of behind-the-scenes bonus features.