The Cowboy Gauntlet

CG NamesCowboy Gauntlet is a story of bandits using forgotten Mayan technology to hide themselves in plain sight from the world, its people, and its authorities. The group of outlaws are forced to search old Mayan temple to find a specific item that can help them each ride off into the sunset so to speak. Only the item holds a power so great that the men must decide whether it’s safe in the hands of anyone, including themselves.

CG_Cover_TommyPatterson_WhiteLogo(1)Hear our prayers, oh great Quetzalcoatl. We, your devout servants, pledge to you our best warriors. They will wait in silence until you see fit to release them onto the world. Our enemies will quiver at the sight of your army. Until then, we wait patiently.

Page29CLRYour army. Your wrath. Though we may fall, we will rise again. Quetzalcoatl gives us life, the keeper of the key gives us purpose. We live for our God, and the world shall cower before him.

– Final Prayer of the Eternal Warriors

thThe Cowboy Gauntlet is available on comiXology using the icon above.