The Showdown

the showdown title

“The path to paradise begins in hell…”
                                            —Dante Alighieri

As legend has it, monsters such as Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies
once roamed the face of the earth but were banished to Hell for their
unspeakable acts on humanity. Now in the depths of Dante’s vision of Hell, Satan holds a race once a millennium, a race unknown to man called The Showdown. Creatures from all walks of existence challenge one another in this death match exhibition of fantastic horror and campy grindhouse.The Showdown full cover

THE SHOWDOWN is a comic series set in the depths of the Netherworld with full-color illustrations. Think of a modern day, The Wild Ones meets Dante’s Inferno in comic form – packed with action, suspense, and visually stunning depictions of monsters and hot-rods. THE SHOWDOWN is not just for the average comic book reader, but will reach out to the rebels, greasers, rockabilly, punks, rock n’ rollers, motorcycle, and car enthusiasts alike. All will rejoice in the anti-superhero plot line that represents the fifties loss of innocence, captured in stylist surrealism art.

Created and written by novelist, Russ Lippitt (Lion’s Share) and illustrated by Tony Guaraldi-Brown (The Final Plague)

“A must read for any horror enthusiast! The characters and artwork are amazingly gruesome and fans will be on the edge of their seats in anticipation to see who wins The Showdown!” – Comic Verse

“A terrifying world full of fast and furious monsters… It’s The Outsiders meets Death Race 2000!” – Spartantown

“Monsters, metal, oil, and fiery asphalt collide as the chosen citizens of Hell race to be among the living once again… engaging, creative and stylistic as hell that will have you seeking out this comic from beyond the grave!” – Geeks With Wives

thThe Showdown is available on comiXology using the icon above.