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The Horror Show Remastered
An old-school horror story of two friends in the woods, beset upon by a murderous monster. But all is not as it seems with the people... or the monster.
The Wickhaven Horror
Trapped in a house during a blizzard, a group of Depression-era transients fight to survive a monster that can take the shape of friends and lovers...
Patchwork Ends
A horror anthology featuring four original stories written and illustrated by Matt Slay.
Revenge of the Dragon
Follow the Son of the Dragon on a centuries long quest for revenge on those who killed his father.
Ice Harbinger
In the Northwest Territories, a group of specialist lumberjacks find themselves in a fight for their lives beneath the ice.
Cowboy Gauntlet
In 1865, a group of bandits embark on a quest to an ancient temple. An adventure of intrigue, mystery, and magic.