About Us

Broken Icon Comics is a US based publisher of comics and graphic novels.

Founded in 2009 by Eric Watkins and James Maddox, Broken Icon Comics started with a simple goal: To make great, original comics. Since its auspicious origins at a taco joint (where the ever-mysterious culinary urges of pregnancy drove Eric and his wife to the restaurant in the first place), BIC has become one of the fastest growing independent comic companies in the industry. Focusing on horror as a mainstay, BIC found a niche and strives to make the best comics for casual readers and die-hards alike.

Branching out into sci-fi, westerns, fantasy, and supernatural thrillers, BIC always looks for the best stories and artists to make the pages come alive. Though the company has horror at its roots, any story worth telling is fair game for BIC.

BIC cultivates artists and art teams from around the country and the world. From California to New York, from Brazil to Ireland, our creators hail from all walks of life and cultures. This wide spectrum of talent makes BIC what it is.

BIC lives by its motto: No Rules, No Apologies. This freedom allows us to create amazing comics and get them into the hands of the people that matter most, all of you, from our newest readers to our most loyal fans.

From all of us here at BIC, we thank you, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s next.