The Ballad of Al Snow and Head #01 Retro Cover, Autographed by Al Snow

The first glorious issue of The Ballad of Al Snow and Head, with special edition Retro Cover. Autographed by Al Snow.
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The Ballad of Al Snow and Head is a journey deep into Al's mind. Together with Head, he runs the JOB Squad Detective Agency, aiding survivors of a post-apocalyptic Louisville. When the heart of a barmaid is stolen, Al sets out to find it. At any cost. Without fear...or rational thought. Al risks it all for, well, no one is really sure.

He's the hero no one asked for, and just can't seem to get rid of.

Autographed by the man himself... and Head!

40 Pages

Written by Eric Watkins

Illustrated by Tommy Patterson

Colored by Rob Dumo. and Nick Wentland

Lettered by Justin Birch

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