The Incredibly Odd and Eerie Tales of Two Gun Thomas Coe

An adventure through alternate worlds, follow cowboy Thomas Coe and the cyborg Boom through time and dimensions as they try to find an escape.
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Follow Coe and his sentient, bio-mechanical companion, Boom, as they travel to strange versions of Earth, alternate realities called configurations. These strange shifts take them to worlds where dinosaurs never went extinct, the Roman Empire never fell, and a place where many eras converge. Coe is a cowboy pulled from the prairie thrown into adventures he never could have imagined. With as much humor as action, go with Thomas Coe and Boom as they survive in strange realities, and chase down the mysterious man who seems to have existed everywhere...

106 Pages

Written by Eric Watkins

Illustrated by Tristan Kelly

Colored by Nick Wentland

Lettered by Justin Birch

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