Ice Harbinger

In the Northwest Territories, a group of specialist lumberjacks find themselves in a fight for their lives beneath the ice.
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Ice Harbinger follows a team of specialized lumberjacks, ice-diggers, pulling ancient timbers from lakes and rivers far below the permafrost. A promising excavation turns bad when the ice gives way, swallowing up the team and their equipment. Beneath the ice they find themselves in tunnels and caves completely unknown. It is not long before their presence is discovered. An ancient tribe, wielding arcane magic, hunts the lumberjacks, punishing them for their trespass. They fight for their lives in this icy world, battling warriors, seers, and even extinct beasts, raised from the very ice around them. Can the lumberjacks survive the icy hell they've fallen into? What must be sacrificed to escape blue flame and beasts? How does one hope when there is only ice and darkness?

60 Pages

Written by Eric Watkins and Nick Wentland

Illustrated by Angel Bernuy

Colored by Autumn Beistel

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