The Wickhaven Horror

Trapped in a house during a blizzard, a group of Depression-era transients fight to survive a monster that can take the shape of friends and lovers...
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Wickhaven Horror follows a motley crue of transients during The Great Depression, searching for work, shelter and food. As the strangers collect together to survive, they find themselves cast out of towns, turned away from camps, and navigating the empty open fields of Iowa. But more is looming than the imminent winter. Something lurks within the group. Trapped in an abandoned farmhouse by a terrible blizzard, these wanderers soon find the lines between man and monster blurred. Who do you trust when your friends begin to die? How do you survive when death can take the shape of someone you've known your entire life? How does it choose who to kill... and who will be next?

72 Pages

Written by Eric Watkins and Nick Wentland

Illustrated by Angel Bernuy

Colored by Nick Wentland

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