Patchwork Ends

A horror anthology featuring four original stories written and illustrated by Matt Slay.
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At the crossroads of life and death, there are stories to be told.

Patchwork Ends presents four tales at the crux of these extremes. A boy, bullied and ridiculed, finds his own justice at the end of patient suffering. A cowboy, fleeing from his old life, is forced to face the weight of his own sins. Two ambitious parents, making an unforgivable sacrifice, receive just rewards for their avarice. And a child, led into the darkest horrors while seeing only the most jubilant light, becomes something more.

What will you see when you pull back the veil? Will the horrors be a revelation, or a reflection?

Take the journey into Patchwork Ends and find out for yourself.

48 Pages

Written and Illustrated by Matt Slay

Lettered by Nick Wentland

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